How Much Does a Medical Cannabis Prescription Cost in the UK?

Prescriptions for medical cannabis are issued one month at a time, and the drug can cost between 2 and 10 pounds a day. The cost of medications will vary depending on the condition and type of medication prescribed. The total cost for an average patient at Sapphire Medical Clinics, including appointments, is now less than 5 pounds a day thanks to the new range of products. Dr.

Michael Platt, Sapphire pain specialist, explained that many patients who obtain a private prescription have to stop smoking due to the costs involved. Lorna Bland, 57, from Surrey, suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, and was one of the first patients in the UK to receive a prescription for medical cannabis. Since cannabis medicines are produced by private manufacturers in the United Kingdom, prices may also vary between different brands. Instead, many patients in the UK are prescribed medical cannabis through private medical cannabis clinics.

Bedrocan is a Dutch producer of cannabis flowers and the only company in the world that has the proven ability to produce standardized cannabis (whole, dried flower) containing constant levels of cannabinoids. The Twenty21 project aims to create the largest set of tests in the UK on the effectiveness of medical cannabis. Here's a more detailed analysis of the costs associated with medical cannabis appointments, treatment and prescriptions. While the price of medical cannabis is not as high as the tens of thousands of pounds often cited in the press, some patients are still unable to afford this price.

This is the first time that patients in the United Kingdom have been able to access medical cannabis at a reduced cost outside the Twenty21 Project registry. In order to obtain medical cannabis in the UK, patients must be prescribed by a specialist consultant after a thorough consultation to ensure that it is suitable for each individual. Before being able to get prescription medical cannabis, some patients have had to pay around 70 pounds a week for black market cannabis in an attempt to self-medicate; however, this is both incoherent and unsafe. Sapphire Medical Clinics has announced the introduction of their new range of medical cannabis products which will significantly reduce costs for patients while maintaining the highest quality standards as determined by the MHRA. Getting into the process can feel overwhelming, especially if you're not someone who has medicated with cannabis in the past. Patients who use cannabis illicitly face more than just legal issues with self-medication; they also face unknown contaminants and unpredictability when it comes to this form of medication.

However, it's important to note that medical cannabis is still much safer and cheaper than buying it on the black market.

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